In Zenoti, you can configure settings to deduct commissions that employees earn after commissions are calculated. You can set up deductions on commissions for one or more of the following:

This article covers the following sections:

  • Before You Begin

  • Setting Up Commission Deductions

  • Impact on Reports

 Before You Begin

  • You can configure multiple deductions for each of these (Service level, Invoice level, Total commission). When you configure multiple deductions, all the deductions apply on the base value. 

  • You can define deductions as either a percentage or as a flat amount. 

  • Zenoti checks for commission deductions in the following sequence:
    a) At the Service level (Item level)
    b) At the Invoice level
    c) On total commission 

Setting Up Commission Deductions

To set up commission deductions for Services you need to configure settings at the:

  • Organizational level for specific Services

  • [Optional] Employee level (within the Services tab)

To set up commission deductions for invoices and on total commission, you need to configure settings at the:

  • Employee level (within the Commissions tab)  

Impact on Reports

The following reports capture commission deductions related details:

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