In Zenoti, you can set up commission deductions for each invoice and on total commissions employees earn. This means you can deduct a certain amount from the commission a therapist earns per invoice or from the total commission a therapist earns during a pay period. You can set up these deductions from the Employee level. 

To set up deductions on each invoice or on total commission employees earn:

  1. Ensure that you are at the Center level. 

  2. Go to Employee > Employees > Employees > Name of an employee

  3. Click the Commissions tab. 

  4. Expand Commission Deductions.

  5. For the setting, Apply invoice level deduction on, select any one of the following:
    a) All item types: If you select this option, Zenoti applies invoice-level deductions to all item types such as services, products, memberships, and packages that are on the invoice.  
    b) Services only: If you select this option, Zenoti applies invoice-level deductions to services (and day/promo packages) only.
    Assume an administrator has configured an invoice-level deduction of $5 and selected the Services only checkbox. If there is an invoice that has a sale of a service and a package, normally, the employee who performed the service and the employee who made the package sale are both eligible for commissions. However, the invoice-level deduction on the commission in this case applies only to the employee who performed the service (and not to the employee who earned the commission on the sale of the package).

  6. Select the Category. You have two options:

  • On total commission

  • On each invoice
    Note: If you select On each invoice, you can specify if the invoice should have at least one service (select the checkbox For invoice level deduction to be applicable, the invoice should have at least one service). Note that invoices may not always be for services, at times invoices may have just sale of products, memberships, or gift cards. 

  6. Enter a Description.
  7. Enter a value and select Flat or Percentage from the drop-down list.
  8. Click Add.
The deduction appears in the List of Deductions in the bottom panel of the screen. Important: You can configure multiple deductions. If you configure an invoice level deduction and a deduction on total commission for an employee, Zenoti deducts both these amounts and then calculates the employee's payroll.
Note that if you have configured deductions at the Service level, these deductions will apply too.
Example: Consider this example where deductions on commissions are set up at the service level, invoice level, and on total commission employee earns in a pay period. 

  • Initial commission earned for the service: $100 (Base value)

  • Multiple deductions set up at the Service level:  10% (percentage deduction)          and $20 (flat amount deduction)

  • Net amount deducted at the Service level: $30 (10 + 20 = 30)
    Here, 10 is 10% of 100 and 20 is the flat amount.

  • Net commission earned at the Invoice level $70 (100 - 30) 

  • Deduction set  up at invoice level: 10%

  • Amount deducted from the invoice level: $7 (10% of 70)

  • Net amount deducted: $37 (30+7)
    That is, the amount deducted at Service level + the amount deducted at the Invoice level) 

  • Net commission earned: $63 (100-37)
    Here, 100 is the base amount and 37 is the total amount deducted.

  • Deduction on total commission: $15

  • Final commission earned by the employee: $48 (63-15)


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