What are Employee Commissions and Commission Types?

In Zenoti, a commission (or a payout) is additional income that employees earn when they deliver services or when they sell items such as products, memberships, packages, or gift cards. Employees may also earn commissions on canceled and no show invoices. All these commissions are called Sales commissions.

Employees may also earn commission when they complete a given number of years at their company. This is called a Tenure commission. At times, all employees at a center may earn a flat amount as commission as a result of a strong financial pay period. You could think of this as a bonus for all employees. This is called a Center commission.  

How are Commissions Tracked for Each Employee?

When guests avail services, the appointment is performed by a particular therapist and the therapist's commission is calculated as per commissions configured for the service (that is, at the item level), or at the job or employee level.

Similarly, when a guest buys a product, membership, package, or gift card, Zenoti tracks the name of the employee who sold the item (from the Sale by filed in the Take Payment/POS window) and commission is calculated for such an employee as per the configurations for the product, membership, package, or gift card (that is, at the item level) or at the job or employee level. Read: Levels of Configuration and Impacts

At times, commissions may be split among employees for services they perform together, such as 70% (for one employe) and 30% (for the other employee). The front desk can define this split in commissions when they take payments from guests from Appointment Book or the POS.

Note: If a guest is unhappy with a service asks for the service to be redone, commission is deducted as Redo Penalty for the first provider and commission is awarded to the second provider. Read: Configure Center Level Settings to Award Commissions for Redo Appointments However, if a guest is unhappy with a product and returns the product, Zenoti does not deduct commission.

You can see the commissions earned by employees in a particular pay period from the Employee Commissions report, the Employee Payroll Summary, and the Employee Payroll Details report.


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