In case of a corporate office, a warehouse center purchases products for all the centers in the company. The centers are allowed to only create the orders and the Admin at the org level raises them to the vendor. When the deliveries are received, the warehouse then transfers the products to individual centers.

Enable the following settings:

  1. Admin > Security Roles > (Role) > Permissions > Inventory Manager > Raise_Order
    To allow the role raise purchase orders

  2. Admin > Centers > (Center Name) > Settings > Inventory > Cannot raise purchase
    To restrict the center from raising a purchase order

To review and raise purchase orders from the organization level

  1. Click the Inventory tab on Zenoti’s main menu.

  2. On the Inventory dashboard, select Procurement > Orders.
    The Manage Procurement page opens. 

  3. To raise a specific purchase order, enter its number in the Order No field or enter any text from the notes that may have been entered for the order, and click Search. Otherwise, proceed to Step 4.

  4. Select a report.

  5. In the Order Type drop-down list, select Purchase Orders.  

  6. To filter by vendor, use the Vendors drop-down list.

  7. From the All Statuses drop-down list, select Created.

  8. Select the time period of the purchase orders you want to review and raise.

  9. Click Refresh.
    A list of purchase orders based on the selected criteria appears.

  10. Click the Ref # of the purchase order you want to raise.
    The Purchase Order page opens.

  11. Review the purchase order. If it requires any changes, contact the corresponding center.

  12. Once you have verified the purchase order, click Raise.
    The status of the purchase order changes to Raised.

Next Step: After you have raised a purchase order, you must either email it from Zenoti or print it and send it to your vendor.

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