Membership benefits are often restricted to one member. However, your organization could create memberships that allow members to bring along friends and family to enjoy benefits of their membership. When a guest signs up for such membership, you can add the other members from the guest profile. 

Note: You can add only the number of additional members that your organization allows in the membership plan. For example, if the membership is set up for a maximum of four members, you can only add three additional members to the membership, apart from the guest who signed up for the membership.

To add more members

  1. Open the Guest History page

  2. One the page, click the Memberships tab.

  3. Click the name of the membership you want to edit. 

  4. In the Add A Guest To This Membership field, search for the guest you want to add. If the guest record doesn’t exist, click New Guest to add them.  
    Note: The Add A Guest To This Membership field is not visible if the membership is set up for just one member or already has the maximum number of members.

  5. Click Add. The guest’s name is added below the primary member’s name.

  6. Repeat the above steps to add more members.

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