It is important for you to maintain accurate employee records to ease the administrative burden. In fact, maintaining accurate employee records helps the management track employee attendance, tenure, job, productivity, performance, commission, and compensation details.

You can go a step further and identify skill gaps and training needs and roll out an effective employee engagement program. Looking after employees is as important as looking after guests because, in the wellness industry, it is the employees who share a close relationship with guests. These steps help your organization retain employees and build a favorable brand image for your organization.

Watch this video that gives you an overview of the details that you must add for every employee in your organization.

Note: Usually, the Zenoti team helps you set up your employees in the application with the help of data migration tools. Therefore, when you start using Zenoti to run your business, you will already have employee records in the application. You will, however, need to add or modify employee records, as you run and manage your business.

To add a new employee:

  1. At the center level, click the Employee icon and navigate to Employees > Employees.

  2. Click Add.

    The Create Employee window opens.

  3. Enter employee details. This, in turn, involves the following steps:

    1. Enter general information for an employee. Click Next.

    2. Set up employee roles. Click Next.

    3. Add services an employee can perform. Click Next.

    4. Add products an employee can sell and commissions an employee can earn on selling these products. Click Next.

    5. Add memberships an employee can sell and commissions an employee can earn on selling these memberships. Click Next.

    6. Set up commissions based on revenue slabs an employee can earn while selling services, free services, products, memberships, packages, and gift cards. Click Next.

    7. Set up a catalog for the employee.

      Note: You must set up the catalog for employees or providers to make them available for online bookings. That is, guests can see the availability of only those providers for whom the catalog has been set up when they book appointments online from the Webstore, the CMA (Customer Mobile App), and Kiosk.

  4. Click Save.

    An employee record is created in Zenoti.

    Note: You can use the Export options from the center and organization level.

In the following screenshot, click the icons to export the following details:

  1. Click icon marked 1 to export details of employee-service associations such as

    Center Name, First Name, Last Name, Employee Code, Job, Category Name (that's the Service category name such as say Full Body, Hair, or Skincare), Service Name (such as Full body Ayurvedic Massage, Hair Spa, or 30-minute Skincare routine).

  2. Click icon marked 2 or 4 to export extended employee details such as Username, Nickname, Start date, End date, Effective date, Hourly rate, Salary, Overtime above hours, Overtime multiplier, and Overtime type.

  3. Click icon marked 3 to export basic employee details such as Code, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Job, Active (Yes/No), and Center.

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