You can freeze a membership to stop the collections on it until it is unfrozen. You can set up the membership to unfreeze automatically on a selected date, or choose the manual option to keep it frozen for an indefinite period until someone manually unfreezes it.
You can charge a one-time freeze fee, or collect a reduced recurring fee until it is unfrozen.
Note: By default, employees with these security roles can freeze memberships: Marketing Manager, Manager, Zonal Manager, and Owner.

To freeze a membership

  1. Open the Guest History page.  

  2. On the page, click the Memberships tab. 

  3. Click the name of the membership you want to freeze.

  4. In the Freeze From field, select the date on which you want to freeze the membership.  

  5. In the Unfreeze on field, do one of the following:
    -  Select the Manual option to keep an open-ended freeze period.
    -  To select a specific date to automatically unfreeze the membership,        
       click the adjacent option, and select the date using the calendar.

  6. In the Freeze Type field, select what aspects of the memberships are put on hold. You have two options to select from:
    - The first option lets you put all benefits on hold and shift the date of next payment by the duration of the freeze period.
    - The second option lets you allow your guests to use their benefits while skipping payments during the freeze period.

  7. In the Freeze fee box, enter a one-time fee or a recurring fee that you want to charge the customer.

  8. Select One time or Recurring options depending on whether the charge you entered is one-time or recurring. 

  9. Type any helpful notes in the Comments box about the freeze. 

Important: You cannot freeze a membership that is in one of the following membership statuses: Cancelled, Suspended, or Failed.

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