You can partially or fully refund the membership price of a one-time membership as well as one or more payments of a recurring membership. 

To refund a membership using a prepaid card

  1. Open the Guest History page. 

  2. One the page, click the Memberships tab.

  3. Click the refund icon next to the membership you want to refund.
    Note: In case of paid-in-full memberships, this will be the full membership fee. For recurring membership, it will be the last payment draft.  

  4. On the Refund Invoice page, in the Refund Amount box, enter the refund amount.

  5. Select the checkbox next to the name of the membership. 

  6. In the alert that appears, in the Comments box, enter the reason for the refund. 

  7. Optionally, select the Close membership checkbox if the guest wants to discontinue the membership after the refund. 

  8. Click Save to close the alert. 

  9. Click Select Refund Mode.

  10. On the Payment Methods page, select Issue Prepaid Card, and then click Refund.

  11. The refund invoice opens with the prepaid card value (equal to the refund amount). The number for the card is assigned automatically.

  12. Close the invoice by selecting either Print or Email.

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