You can edit a guest's prepaid card balance to compensate for a service that did not meet the expectations. In such cases, you can add more balance to the prepaid card as a measure to retain the guest’s trust.
Organizations usually restrict the rights to edit a prepaid card balance to certain roles such as Managers. To add required permissions to specific employees so that they can edit a prepaid card balance, contact Support.

To edit a prepaid card balance:

  1. Navigate to the guest's profile using any of the following methods:

  • In the appointment book, search for the guest whose prepaid card balance you want to modify (you can search for a guest using their name, phone number or email address), and click Profile. The guest's profile details appear. 

  • Click on an open slot on the Appointment Book and select Pre-paid/Gift Card Details from the context menu.
    Enter the prepaid card number and click Show.
    Click on the guest name link in the Bought by: field.

    3. Click the Pre-Paid Cards tab.
    4. Click the Balance link against the relevant invoice number.

    5. Enter the total amount after you have added the new balance to the existing                 balance.
        Example: If the existing balance if $1000 and you add $500 to it, then you must           enter $1500 in the new balance field.
    6. Click OK

You can now view the modified prepaid card balance when taking the guest's               payment at the Point of Sale (POS).

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