Permission available to: Administrator, owner, and manager roles. 

All prepaid cards have an expiration date and typically guests must use the amount on the card within that period. In Zenoti, you can extend or limit the expiration date of an existing prepaid card from the guest’s profile. This option is especially useful if a prepaid card has expired or is nearing its expiration date, and there is still unused balance on the card.

To modify a prepaid card expiration date:

  1. Navigate to the guest profile and click the Prepaid Cards tab.
    The details of all the prepaid cards purchased by the guest appear.

  2. Click the prepaid card expiration date that you want to change.
    A pop-up calendar appears.

    3. Select the new expiration date from the calendar. 

Notes on modifying the expiration date:

  • The date cannot be earlier than the purchase date or the last redeemed date of the prepaid card.

  • You cannot change the expiration date for a one-time-use card that is already redeemed by the guest. 

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