You can partially or fully refund the membership price of a one-time membership as well as one or more payments of a recurring membership. 

Below are the important details pertaining to refunding memberships:

  • Which Payment types are allowed: you can refund by cash, credit card, gift card, checks or a combination of these. Alternatively, you can refund using prepaid cards.

  • What happens to the accrued membership benefits: Memberships that are fully refunded have all the membership benefits (service credits and credit amount) revoked.

    • A membership is fully refunded when the refunded amount is equal to the Final Price on the refund screen. In this case, credit amount and service credits are removed from the membership.

    • If the refund is partial, the credit amount and service credits are not removed from the membership. These can be used on other invoices.

  • What happens to remaining payments: Zenoti gives you an option to close the membership or stop all recurring payments when you process a refund. If you do so, the membership goes into Closed status. However, if you do not close the membership, it remains active, with all the next payment dates remaining intact. 

Note: If you are using integrated payment processing or Automatic Clearing House (ACH) payments, remember the following points:

  • You can refund through a credit card only if the guest has used a credit card for the payment.

  • You can refund through ACH payment only if the guest made an ACH payment.

  • You can refund up to the maximum amount that the guest paid through a credit card or an ACH payment.

  • You can refund credit card or ACH payments in the form of cash or prepaid cards.

Important: You can only refund active memberships. If the membership is in the Closed or Cancelled status, you have to first reinstate the membership before you can refund.

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