If you have duplicate or invalid guest accounts, you can merge the duplicate guest accounts from the Loyalty Dashboard.
You can search for duplicate accounts either automatically or manually (if you know the account details).
In this article you will learn how to merge guests by running automatic search of duplicate accounts.

To merge duplicate guest accounts using the Auto Search option:

  1. At the center level, click the Loyalty icon.
    Zenoti displays all duplicate guest accounts within the center.
    Important: If you want to merge duplicate guest accounts across centers, ensure that you are at the organization level and then follow these steps. 

  2. From the Loyalty Dashboard, click Guest > Manage Duplicates.
    The Find & Merge Duplicate Accounts page appears.

3. Select Auto Search.

4. Select the search criteria as appropriate:

  • Match by Email: Returns accounts with the same email ID.

  • Match by Mobile: Returns accounts with the same Mobile number.

  • Match by First Name: Returns accounts with the same first name.

  • Match by Last Name: Returns accounts with the same last name.

Note: When you select more than one search criteria, the search returns the accounts that contain matching values of all the search criteria you selected.
For example, if you select Match by First Name and Match by Email, the search returns accounts that match both, the first name and the email.

5. Click Search.
The search returns and displays one set of duplicate accounts per page on the list.

6. Select the accounts that you want to merge, and then click Merge.
    See the following screenshot for reference. The page displays all the duplicate
    account details.

7. Select the details that you want to retain, and then click Merge.
    See the following screenshot for reference.

    Note: To select all details under an account, click Select All.
    The page displays a message stating that the merge was successful.

8. Click OK.
    The list displays the next set of duplicate accounts.

9. Repeat Step 7 onwards.

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