Appointments booked in the Appointment Book are always subject to change. Guests may need to reschedule appointments, may request for more services, or may change their mind about a therapist and request a new one. Zenoti allows you to cater to the changing demands and preferences of guests. 

The front desk can just search for a guest and click Locate to find the guest’s appointments on a day. All the appointments for the guest get outlined with pink to differentiate them from the other appointment slots. The front desk can look for the outlined appointments and make the necessary updates. 

Note: If a guest is a part of a group appointment, the front desk will see the option, Locate Group

You can make the following changes to an appointment:

Reschedule an Appointment

Zenoti allows you to move an existing appointment to another time, either on the same day or a new date:

Note: You can only move appointments whose status is New, Checked In, or Confirmed. You cannot move appointments for which the invoice is already closed.

Change the Provider

You can easily change the provider or therapist assigned to an appointment using either the drag-and-drop method or the Appointment Info panel.
Learn how to change the therapist assigned to an appointment

Add More Services

During an ongoing appointment, a guest may request for more services than planned or scheduled earlier. Zenoti allows you to add more services to the same appointment.
Learn how to add more services to an appointment

Change Guest Details

At times, an appointment may be booked by a guest for a family member. For example, a mom books an appointment for a daughter. When the daughter comes in for the appointment, you might just want to replace the guest details for your records. To make such changes, you can use the Modify Appointment option from the context menu and then use the Modify link in the bottom panel to make the necessary updates. 

Note: The Modify link is also available when you book appointments from Booking Wizard and use the Modify Appointment option from the context menu. You must click the edit icon next to the guest name - Zenoti redirects you to the booking panel where you can view the Modify link. 

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