If you have moved to Zenoti from any other application, there is a high probability of having guest records that are inaccurate or invalid. Having such inaccurate data prevents you from successfully reaching out to your target customers.
For example, you may have guest records with fake or dummy data especially in the mobile number or email address fields and you will not be able to reach out to them.

If you have always been a part of Zenoti, you might still see inaccurate or invalid guest records. This is because of the different ways from which you can create guest records:

  • Appointment Book: When the front desk creates an appointment for a new guest for the first time, Zenoti automatically creates a record for that guest.

  • Webstore: When guests book services online, they create their own guest records.

  • Loyalty Module: If you have the required permissions, you can create guest records.

In all the above cases, there is a high possibility of creating duplicate or invalid guest records. 

To ensure successful and rewarding guest communications, it is imperative that you maintain accurate guest data. To this end, Zenoti enables you to find and delete or merge invalid guest data easily.

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