You can categorize guests based on the amount spent, frequency of visits, feedback etc. 

You can define Guest Categories only at the Center level.

To define Guest Categories:

1. Ensure you have selected the Center for which you intend to define
   Guest Categories.

2. On the main menu, click the Loyalty icon.
    The Loyalty Dashboard appears.

3. On the Loyalty Dashboard, click Settings > Guest Category.
    The Guest Categories window opens.

4. Based on your requirements, define the following Guest Categories:

  • High Spender

  • Regular Guest

  • Member

  • New Guest

  • Low Feedback

  • Non-Recent Guest

  • No Shows

  • Active Package

  • Loyalty Tier

  • Guest Custom Data Not Filled
    Click here to learn more about these categories.

5. To activate or deactivate any Guest Category, use the This rule is option.

  • Select Active to activate the category

  • Select Inactive to deactivate the category

6. Click Save.
     You have successfully defined the guest categories for your organization.  

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