You must set up the catalog for employees or providers to make them available for online bookings. That is, guests can see the availability of only those providers for whom the catalog has been set up when they book appointments online from the Webstore, the CMA (Customer Mobile App), and Kiosk.

The catalog provides details of the provider's availability, qualifications, areas of specialization, and work experience. You can also use the catalog as a place to promote the work of providers. Guests can view these details online (Webstore, CMA, and Kiosk) and make informed choices about the providers they prefer and book appointments accordingly.

Watch this video to understand how to set up a catalog for an employee.

To set up a catalog for an employee

  1. At the Center level, click the Employee icon and navigate to Employees > Employees.

  2. Click the name of the employee.

  3. To show the employee in webstore or CMA, select the Show in webstore and mobile app check box.

    To show the employee in kiosk, select the Show in Kiosk check box.

  4. In the Display Name box, enter a display name for the employee.

  5. In the Description box, enter employee details such as qualification, specialization, experience, and awards and accolades received.

  6. Click Upload to upload an image of the employee.

    Important: The image must be of the size 800px X 800 px in .jpg, .jpeg, or .png format. Maximum image size is 10 MB.

  7. Click Save.

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