When you create an appointment for a new guest from the Appointment Book, Zenoti automatically creates a guest record for the new guest (the guest record contains the details of the guest).

Alternatively, you can use the Loyalty Module to create a new guest (record).

Note: You can create new guest records using the Loyalty Module only at the Center level.

To create a new guest from the Loyalty Module:

1. At the center level, click the Loyalty icon and navigate to Guest > Manage Guests.

2. Click Add.

    The Create New Guest window opens.

3. Complete the fields in the Personal Info, Login Info, Address, and Preferences      
    sections as follows:
   Personal Info

  • Customer ID: Specify a unique customer identifier.
    Note: You can choose to auto generate the customer identifier by navigating at the Organization level to ADMIN > Organization > Organizations > Settings > Guests and selecting Enable auto-generate guest code in Center settings.  

  • First Name (Mandatory field): Enter the first name of the guest.

  • Middle Name: Enter the middle name of the guest.

  • Last Name (Mandatory field): Enter the last name of the guest. 

  • Email (Mandatory field): Enter the email address of the guest.
    Note: email addresses (guest and employee) can have the following special characters as well:


  • Mobile Phone: Verify the country code and enter the mobile number of the guest.
    Note: To change the country code, click the drop-down and select the desired country.

  • Home Phone: Verify the country code and enter the home phone number of the guest.
    Note: To change the country code, click the drop-down and select the desired country.

  • Work Phone: Verify the country code and enter the work phone number of the guest.
    Note: To change the country code, click the drop-down and select the desired country

  • Primary Employee: Enter the name of the employee who will be the primary service provider for the guest.
    Note: You can choose to make Primary Employee as a mandatory field when creating a guest profile.
    Learn more: Make Guest Details Mandatory

  • Gender (Mandatory): Select the gender of the guest.

  • Birthday (Mandatory): Enter the date of birth of the guest.

  • Anniversary: Enter the anniversary date of the guest.

  • Referral (Mandatory): Specify the referral source. Learn how to create referral sources.

   Login Info

  • Username: Enter a unique username for the guest using which the guest can login to the Webstore or Customer Mobile Application (CMA).


  • Address 1: Enter the primary address of the guest.

  • Address 2: Enter the secondary address of the guest.

  • City: Enter the name of the city.

  • Nationality: Select the nationality of the guest.

  • County: Select the country.

  • State: Select the state.

  • Zip Code: Enter the pin code.
    Note: To make the Zip Code field mandatory, ensure that you are at the organization level and go to Admin > Organizations > Settings > Guests > and select Zip Code under the Show alert if required fields are missing when creating guest profile field. 


  • Language: Select your preferred language from the list.

  • Transactional Messages:
    By default, for every transaction made by a guest, the guest receives a transaction text message and email. To disable transactional notifications, clear the Email or SMS checkbox based on the guest's preference.

    Note: By default, Zenoti does not send transaction text messages to international numbers. However, if your center is based out of Australia and you wish to send international transaction text messages, contact Zenoti Support.

  • Marketing Messages:
    Receive Marketing Emails and SMS (if enabled at the organization level at Settings > Guest)

    To send marketing messages to guests, select the Email check box to send marketing emails and the SMS check box for text messages.
    Important: If TCPA is enabled for your organization, the option to receive marketing emails and texts will not be selected by default. You must take consent from the guest before sending any text campaigns to the guest. For EU countries, only the guest can accept these conditions to receive marketing emails and texts. Find out more about TCPA Compliance at Zenoti.

  • Receive loyalty point statement:
    To notify guests of transactions related to loyalty points, select the Receive loyalty point statement as a text message (SMS) and an email checkbox.

4. Click Save.
The guest record is created in Zenoti. You can now search for the guest in the Appointment Book or the Loyalty module.

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