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This article provides instructions on the following:

  • What items are redeemable with a prepaid card?

  • How to redeem a prepaid card in the POS?

This article is especially useful for front desk employees who process payments when guests use prepaid cards.

What Items are Redeemable Using Prepaid Cards?

Prepaid cards may be of one of the following types:

Depending on the prepaid card type (same or different price and value), only the items provided in the following table are redeemable, by default.              

How to redeem a prepaid card in the POS window? 

1. Launch the POS window.

2. In the guest details section on top of the POS window, specify the guest details             based on whether the guest is new or an existing one.

3. In the lower left pane, select the item the guest wants to pay for and add it to the         invoice.
    The Invoice section displays the sum total (net price + tax) of the item selected. 

4. Collect the payment using the series of actions illustrated in the image.
    Each action is explained in detail in the same series as they appear on the screen.

       a)  Select PRE-PAID/GIFT as the payment option.
            The sum total and any applicable tips (or gratuity) automatically populate in the             Amount and Tips fields.

       b)  In the Card # field, enter the prepaid card number manually
           Click the prepaid card balance link beside the prepaid card icon.
           In the Prepaid Cards window, click the Use This link beside the appropriate                  prepaid card number. The card number appears in the Card # field.

       c)  Check if a Generate OTP button displays above the Card # field.
            Note: One-time password (OTP) is required only during redemptions. This is                   applicable only if your organization has enforced OTP (Organization level >                   Organization > Settings > expand Invoice and Receipt > click Enforce OTP for               redemption checkbox).      
                -  If the Generate OTPbutton does not display, proceed to step 4 to collect                        payment.
                -  If the Generate OTP button displays, it indicates that one-time password                        (OTP) is enabled for redemption.
                   Click the Generate OTP button.
                   A pop-up appears confirming that the OTP is delivered to the                                          guest’s registered mobile number.
                   Ask the guest for the OTP and enter the code in the OTP field. 

        d)  Click Add Payment.

e)  Close the invoice.

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