• I have a small salon and I am configuring jobs/employees. All my employees can perform all the services I offer. What is the simplest way to configure the application?

  • Since all employees can perform all services, you don't need to configure anything at the Job level. Once you create a Job, do not select any service with the job. When no service is selected at the Job level, it means all employees can perform all services. To state the same thing in another way, employees can perform a service when the:service is selected against their jobservice is selected against the employee directly.

  • My spa has trainees who can only perform a few services while the senior staff can perform any service. How should I configure the application to support this?

  • For the jobs that senior staff hold, select check boxes for all individual services. This means all senior staff can perform all services. For the jobs that trainees hold, select only the services they are qualified to perform. This means trainees can perform only the services you select.

  • One of my employees can perform a few services in addition to what is configured in her job. But none of the other employees with the same job are qualified to perform these services, how do I indicate this in the application?

  • This particular employee (who is an exception), edit the employee record and select the additional services from Services tab. This way, only this employee (and not anyone else holding the job) can perform these additional services. Tip: When services are selected at both, job and individual employee level, the employee can perform all services that are selected at job level and those selected at employee level. For instance, Susan holds Therapist job and Therapist job is configured to perform Balinese massage. If Deep tissue massage is selected for Susan at employee level, she can perform Balinese massage (as part of her Job) and Deep tissue massage (as part of her individual employee assignment).

  • I am not able to book an appointment for a therapist who is qualified to perform a service. Why is this happening?

  • To troubleshoot this issue, ensure at least one of the following is true:
    The service is selected in employee’s job level.
    The service is selected at employee level directly.
    Individual services (and not services at the Category level) are selected at the job or employee levels. Employee is selected in Resources tab under Admin > Resources > Services > Resources tab. 

  • I configured a therapist to be able to perform all hair services but I am able to book appointments for her for massages as well. How do I fix this issue?

  • For the therapist under consideration, check if a particular massage or the entire category of massages is selected at: The employee's Job levelThe individual employee level under Services tab. If you find any such massage services configured at the Job/Employee level, this must be a mistake. Delete these service associations and click Save. You will no longer be able to book appointments under this therapist's name for massages. 

  • I have services that I am not yet sure who can perform. Can I leave them as it is, with no associations at the job/employee level?

  • If you have services that are not yet assigned to any employee (by Job or direct assignment at the Employee level), it means, all employees can perform the service. If you do not want this to happen, create a dummy employee and assign these services to that employee from Employee > Employees > Name of dummy employee > Services tab so that other employees will not be able to perform these services. Once you are sure which employees can perform these Services, you can configure either a new Job and assign employees to that Job or you can directly assign these Services to the employee from the individual Employee level.  

  • Why am I not able to select an employee at Service level?

  • A. If you are unable to select a check box against an employee in the Admin > Resources > Services > Resources tab (from either the Organization level or the Center level), it means that the employee is not qualified to perform the service (as part of her Job or as part of individual Employee assignment). 

  • Getting this error when the employee assignments are loaded?
    Alert: The list of services you are seeing is incomplete as the list exceeds an internal limit.

  • A: There is no cause for worry - just click OK to proceed.

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