Organizations need to maintain detailed employee-related information to comply with local laws. For example, organizations are required to maintain details such as personal information, salary and commission-related details, and attendance and leave related data. This information is sensitive and should ideally be confidential - only those with the appropriate role should be able to view or edit such data. Graded access to employee data, based on roles therefore, becomes imperative. 

Different roles such as IT Administrator, HR Manager, and Managers (of employees) need to have acces to different aspects of employee data. At the same time, these roles need to be restricted from accessing certain other aspects of employee data.

Zenoti allows you to restrict or grant access to various aspects of employee data based on roles. 


IT Administrators should be able to create employee records with edit access to minimal sections of the employee profile. Thereafter, administrators should neither be able to view other sensitive sections of the employee record (commissions and performance related information), nor should they be able to edit the sections of the employee profile they created earlier.

HR Managers should be able to edit basic information about employees, but should be allowed to only view other sensitive employee data in employee reports.

Managers (of employees) should have the maximum insight into employee details and should be able to view and edit sensitive employee information such as employee commissions and employee performance ratings. 

To set role based acess to employee details:

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Security Roles.

  3. Click the role for which you wish to set permissions.
    Example: Manager. The Manage Security Roles page opens.

  4. Go to the Permissions tab.
    You will find all permissions related to accessing employee data under the Employee Manager category. See the following section for more information.
    Based on your requirement, restrict or grant access to the various permissions in different categories to different roles. See screenshot that follows.

  5. Click Save

List of Permissions to Control Access to Employee Details

The following section lists the various permissions that you can use to control access to employee details. See screenshot that follows. 

  • Permission Category: Break Category: Refers to the type of break or block out time used by employees during a working day when they are taking a break from their regular duties.
    By default, Zenoti ships with six types of block out times: Break, Leaving early, Lunch, Meeting, Personal time, and Running late.
    Permissions; Add, Edit, Delete

  • Permission Category: Commission Settings: Refers to Services tab, Products tab, Memberships tab, Commissions tab, and Payrates tab in an employee record (Center level > Employee > Employee).
    Permissions: View, Edit

  • Permission Category: Employee: Refers to General tab, Roles tab, and Catalog tab in an employee record (Center level > Employee > Employee).
    Permissions:  Add General Settings, Add Commission Settings, Delete

  • Permission Category: General Settings: Refers to General tab, Roles tab, and Catalog tab in an employee record (Center level > Employee > Employee).
    Permissions: View, Edit

  • Permission Category: HR Settings: Refers to settings for Attendance Rules, Performance, Pay Period, and Tenure (Center level > Employee > Settings).
    Permissions: View, Edit

  • Permission Category Jobs: Refers to settings for  Jobs (Organization level > Employee > Employees > Jobs). Read: Create Jobs
    Permissions: Add, Edit, Delete

  • Permission Category: Leave Types: Refers to settings for Leave Types (Organization level > Employee > Settings > Leave Types). Read: Add a New Leave Type
    Permissions: Add, Edit, Delete

  • Permission Category Other Settings: Groups a few other employee-related settings and refers to the ability to carry out the tasks.
    Permissions: Check In/Out, Schedule, Deputation, Enrollment, Allow Add Card Mail/Telephone Edit Username

  • Permission Category: View Employee Reports: Refers to the ability to view Employee Reports at the Center or Organization level, as applicable. (Center/Organization level > Employee > Payroll Reports/Other Reports)
    Permissions: Commission, Performance, Team,  Time,  Sales, Attendance, Payroll

Consider the following screenshot for the Manager role:

From the screenshot, you can understand that an employee with the manager role has access to most of the employee-related information. However, this role cannot work with Leave Types and is also restricted from working with Enrollment, adding mail/telephone details, and editing the username in employee records (see Leave Types and Other Settings section in the screenshot).

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