At times, employees may be asked to work from different locations (centers) to address staff crunch or to address increased footfall due to a marketing event or festive season. Such an assignment, usually for a short duration, is a deputation; the employee is said to be 'on loan' to the other center. Zenoti allows you to track employee's work at the other center from a single screen. 

Important: If your business model is one where a centralized head office pays all employees at all centers, then you may want to leverage the benefits of this feature.

If your business model is one where each center operates independently and pays its employees independently, then it is best to overlook this feature. Assume you do have such a business model and have an employee who works in two centers (locations). The best way to track employee's functions in such a case is to create separate employee records in both centers (locations). 

This article covers the following sections:

  • Why track periods when employees are on loan or on deputation?

  • Viewing the base center for an employee

  • Impacts of loaning an employee to another center

  • How to loan an employee to another center? 

Why Track Periods when Employees are on Loan or on Deputation?

It is essential that you track deputations or periods when an employee is on loan to another location so that for the days the employee works at the other center, you do not lose critical data such as the employee's check in/check outs, services performed, and products sold.

Note: For the duration of the deputation, Zenoti tracks employee details at the center where the employee is deputed. This data is used as inputs for other essential administrative functioning and career growth aspects such as employee performance appraisals and calculating employee commissions. 

Viewing the Base Center for an Employee

Employees are assigned to a base center when their employee records are created in the application.  

To view the base center of an employee: 

  1. Ensure that you are at the Center level.

  2. Go to Employees > Employees > Employees.
    The list of employees in the current center appears.

  3. Click the name of an employee.
    The Edit Employees page opens. Look for the Center field. This is the employee's base center. You can assign a new base center for an employee from here.  

Impacts of Loaning An Employee to Another Center

When an employee is deputed or loaned to work in another center, by default, the employee carries the same role as the base center to the other center. For example, if an employee has the therapist role in the base center, and is loaned to another center, Zenoti retains the therapist role in the new center too. 

Important: When you create employee records in Zenoti, you can assign multiple roles in multiple centers to the employee. If the employee you are deputing or loaning already has a role in the other center, Zenoti accords the highest role to the employee in the other center.

Example: Assume the employee has the manager role in the base center and has the therapist role in the other center. In this case, Zenoti accords the manager role (highest role) to the employee in the other center. 

To loan an employee to another center:

  1. Ensure that you are at the Center level.

  2. Go to Employee > Employees > Deputation.
    The name of your center appears in the Deputed From drop-down list.
    This is the employee's base center. 

  3. Select the name of the employee you want to depute from the Employee drop-down list.

  4. Select the center where the employee needs to be transferred in the Deputed To drop-down list.

  5. Use the calendar to specify the dates for the deputation. 

  6. Click Add.
    The employee is on deputation or on loan to the new center during these dates. All employee data such as employee attendance, revenue, and utilization are tracked in the deputed center (other center) for this duration. 

Note: To delete a deputation or an employee who is loaned to another location in such a manner, click the red cross (Delete) icon next to the name of the employee.

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