The Max Work Hours field is the total number of hours an employee is expected to work in a payroll period. 

The Hourly Rate field defines the pay for an employee for every hour the employee works.

You can find both these fields in the employee profile page. (Employee > Employees > Employees > Employee Name).

In the schedule page, either in day, week or month view and while copying the schedule forward, if an employee crosses his total number of allocated hours for that payroll period then an alert is shown.

While calculating the hourly pay if an employee doesn't check-in and checkout as per schedule, then the following formula is used for calculating the total hourly pay:

{Maximum(Actual Check-in, Expected Check-in) – Minimum(Actual Checkout, Expected Checkout)} * Hourly Rate

Zenoti shows this value in the Employee Payroll Summary report under Total Hourly Pay column.

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