What is an Employee Schedule?

An employee schedule is simply the time employees are available at the center to perform their duties. Essentially, this translates to the employee's working hours in a day. 

Employees may have different roles at the center, such as therapist, manager, front office staff, and housekeeping staff. The schedule of the employees may vary according to these roles. For example, therapists and stylists may work on shifts, while other employees such as housekeeping staff or accountants may not work in shifts.

Again, some roles such as therapists may have different weekly offs (say, on Monday and Tuesday) while other employees may have weekly offs on Saturday and Sunday or Friday and Saturday depending on the region where your business runs.

Zenoti enables you to set employee schedules for the Day, Week, or Month from one centralized location and then copy these schedules forward to a number of days, weeks, or months to quickly get up and running. This helps in maximizing employee utilization.

Why is Accurate Scheduling Important?

It is imperative for you to schedule your employees accurately because guests may request for specific employees to perform services or treatments at any time. These requests may come either through phone calls, mobile POS, or the webstore. It is critical that schedules of therapists show up accurately - there is really no room for error as this has a direct impact on your business where customer delight is a driving force. Given this context, scheduling employees accurately is the backbone of your business - whether you are a large enterprise spread across many centers or a single, small center. 

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