Keep the following points in mind when you set up schedules for employees:

  • If you do not have employees working in shifts, use only Shift 1 to schedule your employees. 

  • Each time you create or copy an employee's schedule, ensure everything is fine by checking if the employee is visible on the Appointment Book for a given date or dates. Similarly, do a random check to see that the employee does not appear on the Appointment Book on her weekly offs.

  • Click the date on the top panel to open the calendar to navigate to required dates and set schedules quickly.

  • Use the Copy forward to __ days/weeks/months as per your convenience. Each of these options are available under the Days/Weeks/Months tabs, respectively.  

  • If an employee is unable to come into the center to discharge her duties, select the name of the employee from the Employee drop-down list and select Special Leave in the Update status to drop-down list for the day, week, or month. 

  • If you want to schedule employees with a specific role who follow the same weekly offs and working time in a week, you could copy forward weekly schedules using the Roles filter.

  • As far as possible, use the Weeks tab to set schedules and copy forward these schedules for the rest of the year. 


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