Note: This option is available only for gift card purchased online. To check the balance of a gift card purchased in-store, the guest needs to log in to their online account or contact the center.

Gift card holders may check their gift card balance instantly on the website without having to log in to their online account. This is applicable only for gift cards purchased online.

Guests can follow these steps to check the gift card balance without signing in:
Note: All actions in this article are performed by the guest who is purchasing the gift card.

  1. On the website, click the Gift Cards tab.

  2. Click the Gift Card Balance Check or resend my Gift card option at the top right corner of the page.

  3. Click the Balance Check tab and enter the following details:

  • Enter the gift card number.

  • Enter the recipient’s email address.

    4. Click Check Balance.

The gift card balance and expiry date displays on the screen.

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