You can quickly check the details of a gift card of a guest from the Appointment Book. You can view details such as the gift card number and type, buyer and recipient name, price and value of the card, sold date and expiry date, and the redeemed and balance amounts.

To view the gift card details from the appointment book

1.  Click on the Appointment Book and select Pre-paid/Gift Card Details from the    
    context menu.
    Pre-paid/Gift Card details window appears.
2. In the Code field, enter the gift card number, and click Show.
    The card details appear.
    You can view the following information:

  • Card Type and Number: Shows 'Amount Gift Card' if the gift card is purchased to gift a certain amount; shows 'Service/Package Gift Card' if the gift card is purchased to gift a service and/or a day package. Card number appears beside the card type.
       - If the guest purchased the gift card for self, the card shows Bought by field.
           Bought by:
    and shows the name of the buyer. Click the name to view
           the guest profile.

     - If the guest purchased the gift card for others, the card shows From and To
       From: Shows the buyer's name. Click the name to open the guest profile.
: Shows the recipient's name.

  • Balance: Displays the redeemable amount of the gift card. 

  • Status: Shows 'Available' for the cards that are still within the validity period. The status shows 'Expired' if the card has reached the expiry date.
    Note: For the cards that never expire, the status always shows 'Available'.

  • Expiry Date: Displays the expiry date of the card.
    Note: If this field displays "Never Expires", it means your center sells gift cards that never expire.

  • Occasion: Shows the occasion of gifting the card.
    Note: Occasion appears only if it was selected (in the Recipient window) at the time of gift card sale. 

  • Notes: shows the notes entered by the front desk, at the time of gift card sale in Zenoti web POS.  

  • Services/Packages Included: The field appears only for Service/Packages gift cards. Shows the list of services or day packages bought by the guest, as part of the gift card.
    Click Book to book the appointment for the service or day package.
    The Appointment Info panel opens for you to create an appointment.

View Bonus Gift Card Details

Using the Pre-paid/Gift Card Details page from context menu, you can view the bonus gift card details.

 To view the bonus gift card details

  • In the Code field, enter the bonus gift card number and click Show.
    Bonus gift card details appear.

The details show Buyer of the card, Balance in the card, Status, Expiry Date, whether the card expires after single use (only if the Expires after Single Use checkbox is selected during the gift card sale), and Redemption history of the card.

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