From the guest profile, you can view the history of all the gift cards purchased and received by the guest. You can also edit the expiration date and balance of a gift card from this page.

To access the gift card purchased/received history, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the guest profile and click the Gift Cards tab.

The guest profile includes the following gift card related fields:

  • Invoice No: Click the hyperlink to view the gift card purchase invoice details. 

  • Receipt No: The receipt number generated on the purchase of the gift card.

  • Code: The gift card number. The card number is typically a code associated with the gift card. The front desk or guest can use this code to redeem a gift card, check the balance, or view other gift card details.

  • Expiration date: Displays the gift card expiry date. If the expiry is “Never Expires”, it implies that the gift card was sold without an expiry.
    Note: This field is editable. However, the expiry date cannot be edited for cards that do not expire (“Never Expires”) and for one time use cards.

  • Price: This field displays the price of the gift card. Price is the amount for which the gift card was sold to the guest (excluding taxes, if any).

  • Card Value: This field displays the value of the gift card sold. This will be of a higher amount if the value and price are different. 

  • Balance: This field shows the existing card balance. It displays the current balance based on the value of the card.

  • Center: Displays the center name where the gift card was purchased.

  • Status: The status of the invoice (Open or Closed).

  • Notes: Displays the notes entered pertaining to the gift card at the time of sale in the POS.

  • Services: Displays the services associated to the gift card purchase. This is applicable for Service gift cards only.

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