You must create a Zenoti Application in Okta to allow your users to login to Zenoti. The users click the Zenoti App (on a web portal or a browser plug-in) and directly login to Zenoti without any additional authentication.

To create Zenoti application in Okta:

1. Log in to Okta with a user account that has Administrator privileges.
   Click Admin.

2. Click the Applications tab, and select Applications from the list.
     The Applications page opens.

3. Click Add Application

    A list of existing applications appears.

4. Click Create New App.

    The Create a New Application Integration window opens.

5. Select the Platform as Web, Sign on method as SAML 2.0, and finally click Create.

    The Create SAML Integration page opens.

6. In the General Settings page, enter a name for the App and complete the    remaining fields, and click Next.

 The SAML Settings appear.

7. Complete the following fields:

  • Single sign on URL: Enter the URL as https://<your_account_name>    

  • Audience URI (SP Entity ID): Enter the ID as https://<your_account_name>

  • Application username: Enter the Okta username

8. Click Next.
    The Feedback screen opens.

9. In the Feedback screen, make the following selections:

  • Are you a customer or partner?: Select I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app.

  • App type: Select the checkbox, This is an internal app that we have created.

10. Click Finish.
      The Sign On Settings tab opens.

11. Click View Setup Instructions.

12. Copy the entries in the following fields on a Notepad:

  • Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL

  • X.509 Certificate

  • Identity Provider Issuer
    You must copy only the string after

Complete the following next steps:

  1. Configure Zenoti with the application details you created in Okta

  2. Create users in Zenoti with usernames identical to the users in Okta

  3. Assign users for the Zenoti application in Okta

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