Amount gift cards are sold for a specific price and are not tied to any specific service. A guest can use the card to redeem any item that your organization allows.
Read: What are Amount and Service Gift Cards?

To sell an amount gift card:

1. Launch the Point of Sale (POS) window.

2. In the guest details section at the top of the POS window, enter the guest details.

3. Click the Gift Card tab.

Fill the details to initiate sale of an amount gift card:

  1. Card#: The card number is typically a code associated with the gift card. A user can use this code to redeem a gift card or verify the balance and other details related to the gift card. There are two ways a Card# can be entered. In any case, ensure that the number you give for Card# is unique.
        - Auto-numbering: Zenoti auto-generates Card# if your organization has
          enabled the org level setting to auto-number the gift card.
          You can modify the auto-generated card# by clicking the pencil icon
          beside the number.
        - Manual Entry: If your organization has disabled the auto-number setting
          then, enter the Card# manually.

  2. Gift: You can gift an 'Amount' gift card or a 'Service/Package' gift card. By default, Amount is selected.
    This article is on Amount gift card sale. For Service/Package gift card sale, read: Sell a Service Gift Card.

  3. Price ($): Enter the gift card price. Price is the amount for which you sell this card to a guest (excluding taxes, if any). If you have enabled allow sale of gift cards inclusive of tax, the price displayed will be inclusive of tax.

  4. Value: Generally, value of a gift card is equivalent to the price of the gift card. Hence, Value shows the price you entered for the gift card. Change the value of the gift card if you want to provide a higher redemption value over the price. To know more about price and value, read: What is Price and Value in a Gift Card?
    Important: You must be aware of the following:
        - Based on your organization settings, authentication may be required to
          change the value. Also, the value, if different from price, cannot be      
          changed once the invoice is 'closed'.
        - If the setting allow sale of gift cards inclusive of tax, is enabled, Zenoti
          automatically calculates the tax amount and adjusts the value.
          Example: If a guest pays $100 for a gift card and the tax is charged at
          10%, in the process of selling the gift card, Zenoti automatically creates a
          gift card of value $90.9. Meaning, a guest pays $100 and receives a gift
          card of value of $90.9 after deduction of tax.

  5. +Notes: Click the link to enter any notes related to the sale. The notes entered here will appear in the Gift Card tab in the guest profile and in the prepaid/Gift Card Details window in the appointment book.

  6. Sale By: From the drop-down list, select the name of the employee who sold the gift card. 

  7. Buying for: Indicate the recipient of the gift card.
        - Buying for Self: default selection. Indicates that the guest is buying for
          self. If a guest is buying for self, select the checkbox: Send gift card by
    so that on completion of the sale, the guest receives an email with
          gift card details.
        - Buying for Others: Select 'Others' if the guest is buying for a friend or a
          family member.
          The Recipient pop appears. Enter information in the recipient pop up:
                  a. Recipient: Select gift card recipient from the guest list.          
    Tip: If the recipient is new, click +Create Guest to add a
                      new guest with the recipient details. In the New Guest pop-up
                      window, enter the guest details and save. Zenoti creates a new
                      profile for the recipient.
                  b. Occasion: From the drop-down list, select the occasion of gifting.
                  c. Message: If the guest has a personalized message for the recipient,
                      add the message to this field.
                      Note: If the guest chooses to send an email to the recipient, Zenoti
                      includes the message in the email. If the guest chooses to
                      print the gift card, the message appears in the print too.
                      Important: Ensure the [GiftCardMessage] macro is included in the
                      Gift card email template.
                  d. Email Gift Card: By default, Yes is selected, indicating that an email
                      will be sent to the recipient. The registered email of the recipient
                      appears in the field Email will be sent to.
                      If there is no email mentioned in the guest profile of the recipient,
                      you will be asked to enter the email address manually. Enter
                      recipient's email address.
                      Note: If you select 'No' for Email Gift Card, email will not be sent to
                      the recipient. However, gift card details can be found under
                      the Received History section in the Guest Profile of the recipient.
                  e. Copy email to: Select the checkbox to copy the email to the buyer
                      of the gift card.  
                      If there is no email mentioned in the guest profile of the buyer of the
                      gift card, you will be asked to enter the email address manually.
                      Enter buyer's email address.
                   f. Send an Email: Guest can prefer to send an email to the recipient
                      'Now' or 'Later'.
                           i. Now: Zenoti sends out an email to the recipient, immediately
                              after the purchase and the invoice is closed.
                          ii. Later: If guest wants to send an email on a specific date to
                              match the occasion of gifting, such as birthday, anniversary
                  g. Click Done.
                       Recipient name appears in the Buying for field. If you want to
                       change any detail, click the pencil icon. To delete, click x beside
                       the name of the recipient.

  8. Expiry: Based on the center's setting, this field may auto-populate a default
      validity period. Any date or days manually entered will override the default day
      populated as per the settings.
         - Date: From the calendar box, pick an expiry date for the gift card. Any  
           balance in the gift card will automatically lapse after the selected date.
         - Days: Enter the validity period for the card in days. For example, if you
           enter 90 days, then the card will lapse after 90 days.
      Note: Expiry shows 'Never' if you center does not allow gift cards to expire.

  9. Expires after single use: If it is a one-time use card, select the checkbox. Such
      cards are usable only once and any balance amount on the card automatically
      lapses after the first use. Your admin can turn off the org level setting related to
      this feature, if your organization does not sell 'single use' gift cards.

10. Click Add Gift Card.
      The gift card is added to the invoice. 

 11. Collect payment and close the invoice.


What should we enter for Card# if our center sells physical gift cards?

You can either type in the Card number printed on the physical gift card or use a card reader to scan the number.

Zenoti has the capability to scan barcodes from a gift card. The bar code must be of 2D-scannable format. The barcodes can be of maximum 16 digits to be compatible with Zenoti.

Can I edit an auto-generated gift card number?

Yes. Click the pencil icon beside the auto-generated number to edit the Card# field. Ensure that the number you enter is unique.

What is the difference between 'Expiry' and 'Expires after single use'?

Expiry field allows you to determine the validity period of the gift card. After the days or date completes, the amount is lapsed and the card becomes invalid.

'Expires after single use' field allows the recipient to use the card only once within the validity period. If the recipient does not fully redeem the card then, the unused amount or services/day packages go wasted.

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