Note: This article provides instructions on redeeming gift cards sold with tax. If your center does not apply tax on the sale of gift cards, then read Redeem a Gift Card.

What is in this article?

This article provides the following information:

  • Know what is a taxed gift card

  • List of items that can be purchased (redeemed) using taxed gift cards

  • Instructions on applying a taxed gift card to an invoice in the Point of Sale (POS) window

What is a taxed gift card?

A taxed gift card is a card purchased with tax included in its sale price. For instance, a guest purchased a gift card for a $50, which included a 10% tax. The guest thus paid, a total of $55 to purchase the gift card.

Gift cards are redeemed by selecting them as a payment option in the point of sale (POS) window. They are sold with same or different price and value and are redeemable by default only for services and day packages (excluding tax, if any).

What can be redeemed using a taxed gift card?

Taxed gift cards are sold with one of these options:

Based on the gift card sold (same or different price and value), the guest can redeem the card only for the items provided in the following table:

Note: You must be aware of the following:

  • The guest needs to separately pay for the tax component and/or any applicable tips or gratuity.

  • If you have enabled the setting to allow sale of taxed gift cards, the guest is not required to separately pay for the tax component.
    Example: If a guest pays $100 for service gift card and the tax is charged at 10%, the guest can use the tax gift card to purchase a $100 (inclusive of tax) service.

How to redeem a taxed gift card in POS?

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Can I redeem a gift card across any center?

If your organization allows redemption of gift cards across the centers then, ensure the Admin has selected the checkbox: Enable cross center redemptions for gift cards at Organization level (Admin icon > Organization > Organizations > Settings > General section).

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