Note: This article provides instructions for redeeming gift cards sold without tax. If tax was applied to the sale of the gift card, the card cannot be redeemed for a membership or a membership service.

If your organization offers membership programs, gift card holders can use their card to pay for a membership or a membership service. Gift cards can be redeemed to pay for memberships when price and value is equal on the gift card. If the gift card has a different price and value, it can be used to pay for the membership only if it is selected as a payment option at the organization level.

If tax is applied to the membership during its purchase, then the services associated to it cannot be taxed when they are redeemed. When a guest redeems a service that is part of the taxed membership, any tax applicable to the service is automatically removed from the invoice at the time of payment.

Below are instructions on how to take payment using gift cards in such scenarios:

1.  Launch the POS from the appointment book.

2.  In the guest details section at the top of the POS, enter either the mobile number, email address, first name, or last name of the guest, and select a matching record from the list of suggestions. If the guest record doesn't exist in system, then create a new guest record.

3.  In the lower left pane of the POS screen, click the Service tab and select the service that is part of the membership.

4.  Click Add Service to add the service to the invoice.

5.  In the Memberships field, select the membership that applies to this service (the drop-down lists all the active memberships for the guest).

6.  Apply the membership to the invoice.
Any applicable tax component for the service displays below the net price.

8. In the Collect Payment section, select PRE-PAID/GIFT as the payment option. The sum total (net price + tax) and applicable tips automatically populate in the Amount and Tips fields respectively.

9.  Edit the Amount field and replace the sum total (net price + tax) value with just the net price.

10.  Enter the Card# manually (or)
click on the gift card balance link beside the gift card icon . The purchase/received gift card information populates in the Gift cards page. Click the Use This link beside the appropriate Gift Card number.

11.  Click Add Payment.
The tax component of the service gets removed from the payment section. It appears as pre-paid card Redemption in the invoice.

12.  Close the invoice.

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