To set up gift cards at the organization level, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the settings:

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  2. Click the Settings tab.

Step 2: Enable gift card sale: 

To enable the sale of gift cards for your organization:

  1. Expand General.

  2. Scroll down to Enable gift cards and select the checkbox.

Note: To enable the sale of gift cards for a center, the Allow gift card sale in POS checkbox must also be enabled at the center level. Read: Allow gift card sale in POS in Center level Settings.

Step 3: POS settings: 

Here you will find settings that pertain to the behaviour of gift cards in the POS. To view these settings:

  1. Expand the Invoice & Receipts section.

  2. Scroll down to  Gift Card Settings.
    The following settings are available:

  • Auto generate gift card number: The checkbox is clear by default which means the gift card number needs to be entered manually in the POS window.
    Select it to automatically generate card numbers in the POS window.
    Important: Once selected this feature cannot be turned off. Contact Support to clear this checkbox.
    In the Gift Card Number Start Value field, enter the first gift card code number of your choice. Zenoti then, serially assigns gift card numbers to each gift card sold in POS.
    Note: If this checkbox is already enabled, the system displays the last generated gift card value.

  • Show purchased and received giftcards in POS: Select this checkbox to display purchased and received gift cards’ information in the POS while taking a payment. Example: The following image shows the purchased and received gift cards information in the POS window.
    You must click the gift icon to view the information.

  • Allow gift card amount to be refunded to same card: This checkbox is clear by default.
    Select it to allow refunds on payments made using gift cards.

  • Mask the gift card numbers to all users: Select to restrict your front desk staff from viewing complete gift card numbers.
    To learn more about this setting, the permission, and the impact of this setting in Zenoti, read: Masking Gift Card Numbers

Step 4: Cross-Center Redemption settings: 

Ensure the following setting is selected if you want to allow guests to redeem gift cards across your centers.

  1. Expand the General section.

  2. Select the checkbox: Enable cross center redemptions for gift cards.

Step 5 : Redemption settings: 

Gift cards are sold either with the same price and value or  with different price and value. You can redeem only the items that you configure here with the gift cards. Read: What is Price and Value in a Gift Card?
To view or modify the redemption settings:

  1. If not already done, expand the Invoice & Receipts section.

  2. Scroll down to Gift cards without tax.
    The following settings are available:

  • Same Price and Value: By default, the items below are enabled for redemption and no manual change is possible. You can use gift cards with same price and value to pay for:

         - Allow to pay for: By default, the Products checkbox is clear. However, you
           can allow gift cards to be redeemed on the purchase of Products. To enable
           this option, select Products from the Allow to Pay for drop-down.

  • Different Price and Value: 

         - Allow gift cards with different price and value: Select this checkbox if you
           want your organization to sell gift cards that are purchased at a certain price,
           but provide a different redemption value.
           Read: What is Price and Value in a Gift Card?
         - Enforce manager authorization: Select this checkbox if the sale of different
           price and value cards require manager authorization in the POS.
         - Allow to pay for: By default, the different price and value cards can be
           redeemed for services and day packages. The checkboxes cannot be
           cleared manually.
           Redemption on Products, Membership, and Tips is disabled by default.
           However, they are available as optional items; to enable them, select
           Products, Membership, or Tips from the Allow to pay for checkbox.

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