Note: This article assumes that tax is not charged on the sale of gift cards. If your organization charges tax on gift card sale, read: Set Up Taxed Gift Cards.

Before you sell gift cards, they must first be configured in the Zenoti system. The gift card setup establishes the framework for the sale and redemption of gift cards in the Point of Sale (POS) window and online.

In Zenoti, you can manage gift cards at two levels:

Organizational level

The following settings are available for gift cards. Click the desired link to know how to use the settings:

Center level

At the center level, you can control the sale of gift cards in a center (for redemption, you must navigate to the organization level). Click the desired link to know how to use the settings:

For Physical Gift Cards

Zenoti auto-generates a number for Gift Card during the sale. However, front desk can change the auto-generated number. There is no specific recommendation on the numbering of the gift card format (random or sequential) but gift card number should be unique.

Zenoti has the capability to scan bar codes from a gift card. The bar code must be of 2D scannable format. The Barcodes can be of maximum 16 digits to be compatible with Zenoti.

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