1. From the guest profile, go to the General tab.

  2. Make the necessary modifications.

  3. Click Save.



Personal info

Edit details such as customer ID, first name, last name, birthday, anniversary, and referral code. You can also block guests from editing their guest details.


Edit the guest's address.

Login info

Enter the username and relevant tags; the username is auto-populated if the guest has a Webstore profile. Guests can use their username to log into Webstore and CMA. Employees can use their username to log into Zenoti.

To block the guests from booking an online appointment from CMA or Webstore, select the Block guest from online appointment booking check box.


Enter the base center and preferred language. Choose the guest's preference to receive transactional and marketing communications through email and text messages.

As part of the TCPA compliance, when creating a guest’s profile, the front-desk staff must take approval from the guest to receive marketing messages of your business. If the guest approves, enable the Receive Marketing Emails and Receive Marketing SMS settings.

To enable transactional and marketing emails and text messages, click the applicable check box.

Payments accounts

Add, update, or delete the credit card details.

The payment processor for the center must be configured for you to be able to see this section in the guest profile.

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