Important: Zenoti Mobile v2 is supported on iPads and Android tablets; it is not available on iPhones and Android phones.


The Product tab displays the history of all product purchases by a guest. You can also refund or exchange a product from here.

Refund a product

1. From the guest profile, go to the Products tab.

2. Tap the Refund icon.

3. Select the item, enter the refund amount, and add a comment.

4. Tap Next.

5. Select the payment type and enter the refund amount. Alternatively, you can issue the amount to a prepaid card.

6. Tap Refund.

7. To confirm the refund, tap Process Refund & Close Invoice.

Exchange a product

1. For the product being returned, click the Exchange icon.

Ensure the returned product name is correct. The unit price of the product sold is shown in brackets.

2. In the Return Qty box, enter the number of units of the product the guest is exchanging.

3. In the Restock Qty box, enter the quantity to be added back to stock.

4. Search for the product the guest would like to buy in exchange.

You can see the available stock of the product. If you do not see the available stock, reach out to your manager.

5. From the Sale by list, select the name of the employee who is processing the exchange.

6. In the Sale Qty box, enter the number of units of the product the guest would like to buy.

7. Tap Exchange.

View sale invoice

1. Tap the product.

2. Tap the invoice icon.

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