A tips payout Adoption report has the details of whether employees at a center have signed up to receive tips and a Zenoti card.

To access the Adoption report,

  1. Ensure that you are at the center level.

  2. Go to ​Admin > Payments > Business Payments > Tips Payout​​.

  3. On the Tips Dashboard screen that appears, click ​Adoption report​​.

Note: Only the employees with the role of a therapist are usually eligible for tips and will be shown in this report.



Employee Name

Name of the employee


Whether the employee has signed up and linked their account for tips payout


If an employee has not signed up or linked their account, click the send icon to send a reminder. A reminder is sent to the email that is saved in the Zenoti employee profile.

Payout Start Date

Date on which the payout can be started for the employee

Active from

Date from which the employee's Zenoti wallet is active

Last Payout Date

Date on which the employee tips were paid out last

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