1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  3. On the Manage Organizations page, click the Email/Texts tab.

  4. Expand the Appointment section.

  5. Click Edit next to Group Email Confirmation.

  6. On the Edit page, based on the type of notification, switch on the Email or Text toggle.

  7. Select the language for the template. To send notifications in the selected language, select the Use this language template check box.

    Important: To send an email copy to another user, click Add and enter the details.

  8. In the Subject box, enter the subject.
    Important: For text notifications, try not to exceed 160 characters because more credits will be used to send the notification.
    - For extra alphanumeric characters, two credits will be used
    - For extra Unicode characters (international/multilingual text characters), one extra credit will be used for every 70 characters.

  9. In the Plain Text box, enter the email content. You can drag and drop the macros.
    Alternatively, in the HTML box, enter the code.

  10. Add the [GroupAppointment] macro.
    When the notification is sent, this macro expands into the sub-macros:
    [Guest name], [Service name], [Service time], and [Appdate].
    These details are of other guests in the group appointment, not the recipient of the notification.
    Example: If a group has three guests: Ana, Emma, and Eva, when the email is sent to Ana, it will show details of Emma’s and Eva’s services as follows:

    Emma Hair Cut 10:00pm 12:00pm

    Eva Hair Color 10:00pm 12:30pm

    However, if you just add the [First Name] or [Last Name] macro, it will be the recipient's name.

    Important: To test the notification, click Send Test Email or Send Test Message. No credits will be consumed to send the test notification.

    In the test email, macros will appear as is and will not be expanded. For example, if you have used [FirstName] macro in the email text such as 'Hi [FirstName]' then, test mail continues to show 'Hi [FirstName]' and does not show the actual first name of the receiver.

  11. Click Save.

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