Deep linking is the practice of linking specific pages of a website to a particular screen inside a web or mobile app.

Deep linking helps users effectively access the content they're looking for. It also improves a website's relevance in search engine results by connecting keyword-rich hyperlinks on a website.

To create a deep link for classes in the webstore, use the following format:


You must include the following information in the URL:

  • Account name: Enter the domain name of your website.

    You can find the domain name from the URL - <accountname>

    Example: If the name of your organization is Spa Bliss, and its URL is, then replace <accountname> with greatspabliss.

  • CenterID: Enter the id of your center.

    You can find the Center Id in the URL of the center level settings page. It is denoted by CenterId=.

    Replace the <centerid> with the alphanumerical Id in the above format.

  • ClassIdentifier: Enter the class identifier.

    You can find the class identifier in the URL of the master class.

  • Duration: The number of future instances that you want to display the class on the webstore.

For example, the URL for:

A class is

Here, greatspabliss is the account name and 10708 is the class identifier.

A center is

Here, bd49dde1-a164-48db-a587-5c61be5e6f61 is the center id and greatspabliss is the account name.

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