Charitable institutions such as Haircuts4Homeless, depend on monetary contributions from their patrons and require regular donations to run their daily operations.

As a business, you may want to associate yourself with a charitable organization to provide community service and thereby contribute to the well-being of society. To this end, Zenoti allows you to collect donations from your guests and make them equal partners in your social responsibility initiatives.

Note: Donations as a feature is supported in Zenoti Web and Zenoti Mobile.

Before you begin

Ensure you enable the feature at the organization level:

  1. Click the ​Admin​​ icon.

  2. Navigate to ​Organization​ > ​Organizations​​.

  3. Go to the ​Settings​​ tab.

  4. Expand the ​General​​ section.

  5. Locate and select the ​Enable Donations​​ check box.

Take the following steps to configure donations for your business:

  1. At the organization level, click the ​Admin​​ icon.

  2. Navigate to ​Setup​ > ​Donations​​.

  3. In the ​Manage Donations​ page, click ​Add​​.

  4. In the ​General​​ section, enter the following information:

    1. ​Name​​: Enter the name of the donation. For example, Donate to Haircuts4Homeless.

    2. Code​​: Enter a code for the donation.

    3. ​Description​​: Enter a brief description of the donation. This will be visible on the guest kiosk and during the invoice mirroring.

    4. ​Active between​​: Select the ​From​ and ​To​​ dates of the donation to define the active period of the donation initiative.

    5. ​Suggested Amount​​: In the three boxes, enter the suggested amount. This amount is shown to the guest on the Kiosk and Mirror Mode (only if you select the check box in the next setting).

    6. Show this donation on Kiosk and during Invoice Mirroring​​: Select this check box if you want the donations feature to be available on the Kiosk and during the invoice mirroring.
      Note: Only one donation across the organization can be selected to show in the kiosk and on the invoice mirroring.

  5. Click ​Next​​.

  6. In the ​Centers​​ section, select the centers that can accept donations.

  7. Click ​Finish​​.


  • The following are currently not supported:

    • Collecting donations on Webstore and CMA

    • Refunding of donations

    • Donations for the Fitness businesses

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