This report gives you insights into the guest waiting times at your center.

  1. Click the Reports icon.

  2. Click Operational and click Wait Time.

    Alternatively, you can search for the wait time report in the search box.



Center name

The center where the appointment was booked.


The date of appointment booking.

Guest name

The name of the guest. If it is a group booking, the report will show only one guest's name.

Invoice number

The invoice number generated for the appointment.

New guest

This indicates if the guest is new. If the guest has no closed invoices, then the guest is new.

Booking source

Channel through which the guest booked the appointment. Example: Queue, CMA, and Kiosk.

Booked time

The time when the appointment was booked.

Request type

This shows the guest's preference for a service provider.

Position at check-in

This shows the guest's position in the queue when checked in.

Initial service name

This shows the service the guest booked. If the guest booked for multiple services or a package, the report would show only one service.

Initial service provider name

The name of the initially assigned service provider.

Suggested arrival time

The suggested arrival time based on the wait time.

Actual arrival time

This shows the time when the guest arrived at center and checked in.

Actual start time

The actual service start time.

Service started after arrival (Min)

The number of minutes the service started after the guest arrived.

Actual wait time (Min)

The difference between the actual service start time and actual arrival time.

Quoted wait time (Min)

The wait time at the time of appointment booking.

Wait time variance (Min)

The difference between the actual wait time and quoted wait time. A negative value means the service actually started before the expected start time.

Late arrival (Min)

The difference between the suggested arrival time and the actual arrival time. A negative value means the guest arrived early.

Actual end time

The actual end time of the service.

Time in service

The time spent by the service provider rendering the service.

Has retail items

This shows if the invoice has any retail products sold.

No show

This shows if the guest did not show up.

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