1. In the ​Donation​​ box, enter the donation amount, and then collect payment.
    You can collect donations using only cash, credit card, or custom payments.

  2. To add more donations or update the details, click the edit icon.

  3. On the ​Donation​ window, click ​Add more donations​​.

  4. From the ​Donations ​​ list, select the donation type.

  5. From the ​Sale by​​ list, select the employee who sold an item to the guest.

  6. In the ​Amount​​ box, enter the donation amount.

  7. Click ​Save​​.​

For each donation, you must assign the donation to a donation type and to an employee. You can see the unassigned donation amount and add details accordingly.

​Unassigned amount​ = ​Total collected amount​ - ​Assigned amount​

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