When a guest is enrolled in the loyalty program for the first time, the following accrual rules are applicable:

  • Points are accrued on the present day invoice that resulted in the guest getting enrolled in the loyalty program.

Example 1:
If the spend criteria of a lowest tier, for example, Silver tier, is $1000, and the guest spent $900 until the previous visit, and if the guest spends $200 today, the following takes place:

  • The $200 invoice results in the guest getting enrolled in the Silver tier.

  • Points are accrued for the complete $200 invoice payment.

  • Points are not awarded for $900 spent before the present day.

Example 2
If the guest visits the center for the first time, the spend criteria of the Silver tier is $1000, and makes a transaction of $1000, this is what happens:

  • The guest is enrolled into the Silver tier and points are accrued for $1000 spent.

Important! The accrual rules described in this section change if the Tiered Loyalty Program is set to consider only closed invoices. For more information, see the Consider only Closed Invoices section of Configuring a Tiered Loyalty Program.

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