Zenoti provides two types of tier enrollment as follows:

  • Automatic tier enrollment

  • Manual tier enrollment

Both the enrollment processes are explained below:

Automatic Tier Enrollment

On the day a guest makes a monetary transaction, during the close of business, the following takes place:

  • Zenoti runs a check to see if the guest is eligible to be enrolled in the loyalty program.

  • The eligibility is based on the amount spent by the guest in the Qualification Period. For more information on Qualification Period, see Configuring a Tiered Loyalty Program

  • If the guest meets the eligibility criteria, the guest is enrolled into the loyalty program and is placed in a tier whose spend criteria the guest matches. To see how loyalty points are accrued for first time enrollment, see Loyalty Points Accrual and Reversal.

Manual Tier Enrollment

To manually enroll a guest, do the following:

1.  In the Appointment Book, search for the guest you wish to enroll.
2. In the guest's profile, click the Points tab.
3. You will see two options. Enroll and Spent Amount.

4. Click Spent Amount. The amount spent over the qualifying period is displayed.
5. Click Enroll. The guest is enrolled and the enrolled tier is displayed.      
If you have enabled direct enrollment to tiers, when staff with
     appropriate permission clicks Enroll, the following options appear:

  • Applicable Tier: Select this option to enroll the guest into a tier whose spend criteria the guest matches.

  • Highest Tier: Select this option to enroll the guest to the highest tier without considering the spend criteria.

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