The Loyalty Points Statement setting is available when you are configuring a Regular loyalty program or a Tiered loyalty program.

This setting allows you to send loyalty points statement to guests by email or text messages on periodic basis.
If you select this option, the following options are made available:

  • Send statement starting from: Select a date (either today or a date in future), starting which, the loyalty points statement is sent to the guests. Use the Edit loyalty point statement template to make changes to the statement that goes out to your guests. For more information, see Configuring Loyalty Points Notifications

  • Statement frequency: Specify the statement frequency in months. After sending out a statement, Zenoti waits for the number of months you specify in this field (between 1 and 12) before sending out another statement.
    Example: If you select 1, Zenoti sends out loyalty points statement once every month.
    Note: The next statement date is auto calculated and is determined by your entry in the Send statement starting from and Statement frequency fields.

Note: For Loyalty Points Statement you must be aware of the following:

  • A guest whose loyalty points balance is zero for the entire statement period, does not receive a loyalty points statement.

  • A guest will receive a loyalty points statement (even if the guest's current loyalty points balance is zero) if the guest has accrued or redeemed points, or if the guest's points have expired during the statement period.  

  • Every guest who is enrolled in a tier receives the statement.

  • The statement is sent to the guest usually 1-2 hours before your center opens.

  • For guests to receive Loyalty Points Statements, the Email/Text Notification template for Loyalty Points Statement must be turned on. For information on configuring the notification, see Configuring Loyalty Points Notifications.

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