In a Regular Loyalty program, loyalty points are reversed based on the following:

  • If an invoice is refunded, the points are not reversed.

  • If an invoice is reopened, the accrued points for that invoice are reversed. When the reopened invoice is closed, points are accrued based on the new amount spent.

  • If an invoice is reopened, and if there are no balance points available to reverse (because the guest has already redeemed them), the guest's points balance will turn negative and any points accrual will be used towards the clearing of the negative balance.


1. If a guest avails a service worth $300, makes a payment, and 60 points are
   awarded. If the organization decides to refund the payment due to any reason
   (for example, guest is not satisfied with the service), here is what happens to
   the points:

  • The awarded points (60 in this case) are not reversed.

2. If a guest buys a product worth $300, makes a payment, and 60 points are
    awarded. If the guest decides to exchange the product for another product worth
   $250, here is what happens to the points:

  • When the invoice is reopened, the points awarded for the invoice (60 in this case) become zero.

  • When the invoice is closed again, new points are awarded (50 in this case).

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