You can set default services for new and repeating guests. For a repeating guest, Zenoti will consider the last five visits of the guest and set the most taken service as default. If the guest doesn't have enough data, Zenoti will consider the default service set for new guests.

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon and go to Organization > Centers.

  2. Go to Settings and expand Admin Queue.

  3. From the Default service for new Guest list, select the required service as the default service for new guests.

  4. Select the For returning Guests, use Guest's service history as basis for default check box.

    Note: The term Guest might change in the setting if your organization uses a different term for guests. For example, if your organization refers to the guests as clients, the setting will be For returning Clients, use Client's service history as basis for default.

  5. Click Save.


  • You can see this setting only if the Require service selection when adding guest to queue organization-level setting is disabled.

  • Zenoti assigns the default service only if the Reschedule queue based on resource availability center-level setting is enabled.

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