Businesses with multiple franchises require center managers or business owners to access data across all their centers.

Zenoti allows you to link multiple centers or franchises as accounts to your employee profile for such businesses; this makes it easy for the user to access data of all organizations and does not require switching between multiple instances of Zenoti.


To use this feature enable the Link Accounts role permission.

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Organization > Security Roles.

  3. Select the role for which you are enabling this setting.

  4. Go to the Permissions tab.

  5. Expand the Administrator section.

  6. Locate and select the Link Accounts checkbox.

Linking accounts

  1. At the center-level ​Admin ​​page, click the employee profile icon.

  2. Click ​Link Other Accounts​​.

  3. Enter the name of the account. For example, if your account name is Bliss Spa, enter the same without any spaces.

  4. Click ​Next​​.

  5. In the Zenoti login screen, enter your credentials.

  6. After successful authentication, you will see the Employee Linked Successfully message and are prompted to log in.

  7. Click ​Login​​.

You have now associated one of your accounts with your employee profile. To switch between accounts, in the ​Switch Accounts​​ screen, select any one of the linked accounts.

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