1. Ensure that your organization has added the preferred language as a supported language.

  2. From the organization level, navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations > Online Booking > Webstore V2.

  3. Expand the following sections:

    • Styling and Custom CSS

    • Labels and Text Configuration

    • Appointment Booking Flow

    • Therapist Settings

    • UI Settings

    • Group Booking

    • Membership

    • Series Packages

    • Gift Cards

    • Loyalty Points

    • Deals

    • Day Packages

    • Referral Program

    • Analytics


    Note: You will only be able to enter translations for customizable labels and descriptions.

  4. Next to each of these sections, click Add Translations.

  5. Expand the preferred language and enter the text to the labels and descriptions in the preferred language.

  6. Click Save.

You have successfully translated the details to a supported language. Your guests can now access your Webstore in the selected language.

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