Transactional notifications allow businesses to send informative messages (Email/SMS) to guests.

Centers on the franchise model want their guests to receive relevant notifications and may not necessarily use all the notification templates enabled at the organization level. To this end, Zenoti allows centers to choose the notifications they want to send to their guests and disable the irrelevant notifications.

Before you begin

Ensure at the organization level, Allow centers to turn off transactional Email and SMS notifications setting is enabled.

  1. At the center level, click the ​Admin ​​icon.

  2. Navigate to ​Organization​ > ​Centers​​.

  3. Go to the ​Email/Text​​ tab.

    The ​Email/Text ​​tab shows all the notification templates available for the center.

  4. Disable the notifications that are not required by the center.

Points to remember

  • Only employees with either an Administrator role or an Owner role can turn off the notifications at the center level.

  • Centers cannot edit the content of the notifications.

  • Centers can only turn off the notifications that are enabled at the organization level. They cannot enable a notification that is turned off at the organization level. For example, if at the organization level, ​Appointment First Reminder​ and ​Appointment Second Reminder​​ are enabled, a center can only take the following actions:

    • Disable both the notifications

    • Disable either one of the notifications

    • Keep it as is

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