At the end of each month, accountants can use this report to view the amount the business was charged and penalized for disputed transactions.

Steps to generate the report:

  1. Click the ​Reports​​ icon.

  2. ​​Search and open the report.​​

  3. Select the desired filters.

  4. Click ​Refresh​​.

Column descriptions

Column name


Invoice Number

Invoice on which the payment was made

Receipt Number

Receipt after closing the invoice


Guest who raised the dispute

Invoice Date

Date on which the invoice was created

Dispute Date

Date on which the dispute was received from the guest’s bank or the card-issuing authority

Dispute Amount

Amount on the invoice that is in dispute

Dispute Reason

Reason for the dispute

Amount Charged back

Amount charged to the business and credited to the card holder's account for the disputed transaction

This amount is returned to the business's account if the dispute is won.

Dispute Fee

If the business lost the dispute, you can see $15.0 charged by the card network to the business as a penalty. Otherwise, you will see a zero in this column.

Dispute Status

Status of the dispute

​Warning_Needs Response​​: Submit information

Needs Response​​: Respond to the dispute

Under Review​​: Evidence is submitted and it is under verification

Won​​: Evidence is verified and the business won the dispute

Lost​​: Evidence is verified and the business lost the dispute

Note: A fee of $15.0 is penalized to the business for the wrong evidence and the chargeback amount is also deducted from the business's account.

Withdrawn​​: Guest withdrew the dispute

Last Updated Date

Date on which the status of the dispute was last updated

Respond By

Date by which the center must respond to the dispute either by submitting evidence or by accepting the dispute

If you fail to do so, you will not be able to submit evidence and make your case. Essentially you will lose the dispute.

Submit Evidence

Click ​Submit Evidence​​ and enter information to make a case that the payment is valid. Learn more about submitting evidence.

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